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Route A: You have been invited by your client’s selling agent to register

Step 1: Check for an invitation email from your client’s selling agent. Follow the simple instructions in the email to complete your account registration.

Step 2: The link will bring you to your management area, where you will be able to exchange legal documents and track sale progress.

Step 3: Complete your company profile and create access for the users you wish to have access to the system.

Route B: You have found the Offr homepage.

Step 1: Click Sign up. Follow the instructions to verify your email address and create an account.

Step 2: Explore MyOffr and the services that Offr can provide to you and your clients.

Upload Legal Pack

Step 1: Select the relevant property and click Upload.

Step 2: Upload the Contract for Sale, Title Documents and any other legal documents.

Step 3: Organise each document by selecting from the menu of options.

Track Activity

Step 1: Select the relevant property and click Vault

Step 2: Click Legal Pack.

Step 3: Use the pink toggle switch to view the list by document or by user.

Step 4: Click on a document to identify who has downloaded it and check that they have downloaded the correct version.