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Transform the way you do business

Provide your customers with an experience unlike anything else on the market. Transform the way you do business through the Offr button on your website

How Offr is helping agents sell property

Open communication allows all parties involved in the buying process to stay up to date on the property.

Working together

Agent's can invite all parties to collaborate; Sellers, seller's attorneys and buyers. Offr breaks down the barriers between every stakeholder, allowing transparent collaboration and seamless communication.
Buyers uploading their AML and KYC documents to be vetted by the realtor.

Due diligence

Know your customer: Potential buyers can upload Proof of ID, Funds and Address. Letting you approve their documents before they can bid or make an offer. For buyers this provides a level of transparency that hasn't existed until now.
An agent is updated by email about new offers, viewings and legal document upload.

Real-time notifications

No one is ever left in the dark with our real time notifications. Whether a new doc has been uploaded or an new offer submitted, we'll always keep you in the loop.
Offers being reviewed in a private treaty sale, allowing the agent to negotiate their position

Manage offers

Quickly compare offers side by side. Accept the offer that best suits your client.
The purchaser paying the deposit instantly by card on acceptance of an offer.


Accept secure payment of deposits through Stripe directly into your account and when contracts are ready to be exchanged use DocuSign to digitally sign contracts.

How it works

Placing offers with Offr is easy.

https://cdn.offr.ioAn agent setting up a property to be sold by private treaty on Offr's online platform.

1. Set up a property

Add a new property on your dashboard in just a few minutes. Upload general information and set buyer questions.

https://cdn.offr.ioA timeline is set for a best and final sale to close out a conditional sale.

2. Set sale details

Set key dates and pricing.

https://cdn.offr.ioAn agent inviting the vendor and attorney to a property to collaborate on a private treaty sale.

3. Connect vendor & attorney

The vendor, and vendor's attorney, each have their own dashboards. Documents are uploaded and tracked and real time updates can be seen 24/7.

https://cdn.offr.ioAdding a URL to the external tab will connect Offr with the property listing on the agent's website.

4. Add button to your website

Add the Offr button in a just a few seconds to the property page on your website. Copy and paste your property page's website address (URL)

https://cdn.offr.ioInvite buyers to a property to register an offer, book a viewing or download the legal documents.

5. Invite buyers & approvers

As you receive enquiries by phone or email, send a quick invite with a link to your website. The system will automatically create a new account for the buyer, and bring them to the correct property page, where they can book a viewing, access legal documents and register to bid. Bidder registration is quick and easy. The agent can choose to collect proof of funds and AML documents at this point

https://cdn.offr.ioSigning a contract in a secure online process via Docusign.

6. Exchange

Offr's secure, encrypted 'conveyance room' provide attorneys with a safe and convenient way to share documents and exchange key correspondence. Once a final contract is agreed. Contracts can be signed digitally using DocuSign

https://cdn.offr.ioKeys are exchanged after the contract was signed and completed by the vendor, purchaser and attorneys.

7. Completion

Completion occurs as per the completion date set out in the Contract for Sale. Progress can be tracked in the Offr dashboard. Notification issued to all parties upon successful completion.

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Are you hosting your first online sale?

Here are some best practices we have put together to ensure you get the most out of the Offr platform.

Learn more about your buyers

Proof of Funds and ID is collected in advance to make sure the buyer is a suitable candidate to place an offer.

Downward bidding

allow buyers to place a bid below the highest offer once you've hit the peak.

Read more about strategies & tips

What agents are saying...

Liam Hardagen

In today’s connected age, offering prospective buyers the ability to place offers online is a game changer. Vendors and agents have sight of all offers placed with the respective conditions of each buyer. This allows both parties to make a better informed decision on the best course of action.

Liam Hardagen
Jordan Auctioneers, Newbridge

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