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Promote video tours

Unify the digital experience for customers by Sharing pre-recorded property tours & promotional videos directly through the Offr button.

Integrate YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or any shareable video links to the system to help engage prospects

Multi-platform support

Whether your videos are hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion or any other platform they can be easily uploaded to properties by simply uploading the URL to Offr.
Video content can help generate leads that have a high intent to buy a property as they get a better taste of the property

Marketing boost

Generate interest by adding videos to the Offr button. It will instantly give buyers a feel for a property. Offr will help you to understand how engaged viewers are.
Simply copy and paste the shareable video URL to embed the video on the offr platform

Simple embedding

We’ve made the embedding process simple - all you need is a video URL. We will do the rest!

How it works

Through the Offr button on your website, you can allow potential buyers to
download and view legal documents in one click

Log into your Offr account to set up a property and to integrate a video

1. Set up a property

When setting up a property, images & documents can be added when entering the general information.

while setting up the property include the shareable link to the video to embed it on the offr platform

2. Enter the video URL

At the end of the form, copy & paste the youtube URL into the field.

save the property and set the property status to for sale to activate the video on the offr panel

3. Check out your new Video Tab

When the property is made live, you will find a video tab on your panel.

To see how the video tab can benefit your business you should request a demo to see a live example

Start driving customers to your website today!

To learn more about this feature please click below to book a slot.