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Online document vault

Gain access to legal documents earlier from a secure vault and review on any device, 24/7. Offr's document vault allows for a quicker exchange of contract.

documents are conveniently accessible from anywhere in the world at any time when you logged into your offr account

Convenience of downloadable contracts.

Through the Offr button on the agent's website buyers can be granted early access to a draft Contract for Sale plus copy of title deeds as soon as they are available
speed up the time to exchange contracts  by carrying out early due diligence on the property

Speed up property exchange dates

Reduce timelines by facilitating early due diligence on the property. Once the offer is accepted the time to exchange of contracts will happen much quicker.
Tracking system showing buyers that have downloaded the latest version of the legal documents

Analyse Interest

Data is key to understanding a buyers intent. Analyse the level of interest by understanding who has downloaded contracts, title deeds and any other legal documents.

How it works

Through the Offr button on the agent's website, buyers have early access to download and view legal documents in one click.

Buyers can be invited to view and download all documents that have been added to the vault

1. Invite the attorney.

When a attorney is invited to a property, they can upload legal documents.

email notifications are sent to interested buyers when legal documents have been uploaded and updated

2. Automated notifications.

Registered buyers will get notification that the documents are available.

review all documents the seller attorney has uploaded to the legal vault through the legal tab on the offr panel

3. Documents made available
to all parties.

Buyers can download and review documents & early queries can be raised.

get a better understanding of the legal document vault by requesting a demo with one of the team members

Start driving customers to your website today!

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