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You have been invited by your agent to register

Step 1: Check for an invitation email from your agent. Follow the simple instructions in the email to complete your account registration.

Step 2: The link will bring you to MyOffr, where you can track the preparation of the property details, prior to launch. The entire sale process can be monitored there also.

Property Sales Agreement

This is the formal agreement between you and the Agent. This can be signed sign via DocuSign and a permanent copy will be stored in your account.

Step1: The realtor will email the PSA to you.

Step 2: Sign via DocuSign

Pre-contract Questionnaire

Completing the PCQ early will greatly help your attorney in preparing and issuing the Contract for Sale. You can quickly upload important legal information and documents to your attorney through your mobile device.

Step1: Login to MyOffr through the panel on the Agent’s website. Alternative you can sign in through offr.io

Step 2: Click ‘Selling’

Step 3: Click ‘Details’ - you’ll find it beside the ‘For Sale” label

Step 4: If accessing via offr.io website, click ‘Pre Contract Questions’ OR If accessing via the Offr button / panel, first click the ‘hamburger icon’. Then click ‘Pre-Contract Questions’

Step 5: Complete the Questionnaire. The tips and instructions will help guide you through.

Step 6: Save. You can leave and return at any stage. Just make sure to save the document before you leave the page. Your attorney will receive the document once you have saved it.

Exchange Contract

Offr’s secure, encrypted ‘conveyance room’ provides attorneys with a safe and convenient way to share documents and exchange key correspondence. They can quickly agree a final form of contract and approve the signing and exchange. If required, Offr provides the facility to execute contracts using DocuSign, where time is of the essence or one or more parties may be abroad.

Step1: Your attorney uploads the legal pack of documents for review by the buyer’s attorney.

Step 2: The buyer’s attorney uploads pre-contract enquiries.

Step 3. Your attorney uploads replies, which can then be downloaded by the buyer’s attorney.

Step 4: Process repeats until an agreed form of contract is in place.

Step 5: Contracts are signed in the traditional manner in the attorneys’ offices. Where time is of the essence or individuals are based abroad, Docusign is available.

Step 6: The buyer’s attorney transfers the balance of the 10% deposit to your attorney.


Once the Deed of Conveyance is approved by your attorney. The buyer’s attorney will transfer the remaining balance and your attorney will handover all documentation and keys to premises.