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Art Auction for Helvick and Dungarvan RNLI | Painting | Auction


24 cm diametre by 2cm depth Paperclay and fired using Obvara firing techniques

Jane Jermyn has been living in Lismore since 2003. She began studying ceramics in her mid 40’s, receiving her MA from the National College of Art, Dublin in 2009. She has travelled the world taking part in Symposia, Workshops and Residencies in over 15 countries including Cuba, Siberia, much of Europe and South Africa, as well as demonstrating at International ceramics festivals in the UK, Japan, South Korea and India. Jane has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Ireland and abroad. Since 2017 she has been an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics based in Geneva.

Obvara firing technique: The work is taken from the kiln around 750C. The piece is then into a yeast/flour/water mixture and then immediately into cold water. It is an organic-like purely decorative finish.

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